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About the company

Our company started in the year of 2016; we have started our business as DESIGNING COMPANY- Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Animation Designing, E-Commerce, Search Engine Websites, Brand Creators and Promoters..

Now our Business expanded in four platforms

Design Services

Graphic Design

Graphic design means visual content to communicate messages like Brochures pamphlet etc..

Web Design

Make you reaching out the audience across the globe by creating a own website for you. 


Show about your company Profile, Projects or Products in animation like youtube shorts etc.. 

Our Gifting Products

Local Searching Website

THEDUNGA as a Local Searching website that provides local search for different services in Chennai & Tamil Nadu provides local search related Places, Events, News, Jobs & etc. in Chennai & Tamil Nadu to users across worldwide through www.thedunga.in.

It’s Very easy to update your business profile in thedunga.in just WhatsApp your business card or text your business details our backend team will update and contact you to verify your business database in thedunga.in

Strategy planning

Our Future planning  

Import & Export

We have plan to Import Gifts & Smart Gadgets etc.. 

Voc-Education Institute

Vocational Education institutes means we can providing training and certificate courses.  

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting means its can be on off sensor based or lights are controllable remotely using a wireless connection and a smartphone app.

We help you design Business Portfolio.

A business portfolio is a group of products, services, and business units that conform a given company and allows it to pursue its strategic goals.

Vino Anbumani


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